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ATS Baghbanzadeh your business activity began 6 years ago . And a flexible and agile targets and focusing on agricultural and industrial import engine parts . I picked effective customer service and has its own strategic elements of the form drawn up

  • Corporate slogan: (MOTTO)
  • Along with time, along with farmer
  • Mission: (MISSION)
  • Providing tractors; Imports of agricultural and industrial engines
  • Goals: (VISION)
  • Buy spare parts for agricultural machinery market leadership in Iran
  • Corporate values: (CORE VALUE)

1 – honoring innovation and creativity 2 – customer (CRM) includes:

Quick response to customers’ requests and building customer loyalty

Providing conditions for further reference and a deep understanding of his client

Get feedback from customers and develop the products and services currently prevailing view on business Baghbanzadeh ATS On the principle that the interests of all stakeholders, particularly customers with efficient manpower training and farmers in the long run achieve And always have been attending seminars and conferences, marketing and sales; ask your world markets.


Company Address: East Azarbaijan, Tabriz, streets, railroad, utility passage of Nazareth, Ground Floor, No. 21

Phone: +98 41 32802392

Phone: +98 41 32801468

Fax: +98 41 32816736

ZIP code: 5183618313

Mobile: 09141141369

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